Guccio Gucci: Founder of Gucci

If you are a lover of high end fashion, then the name Gucci will ring a bell. But what do you really know about the man behind the great legacy of Gucci? Gucci was founded by an Italian man called Guccio Gucci who was son to an Italian merchant. Born in Florence town in Italy in 1881, he started a reputation that would make his brand internationally recognized. His beginnings were humble and he capitalized in his craftsmanship skills which were his biggest asset. He started working as an immigrant hotel worker in Paris before opening his first shop in the town of Florence. While working at the hotel, he was impressed by the luxurious luggage guests at the hotel brought with them. This motivated him into creating high quality goods. He specialized in making leather goods. In 1920, he opened his first retail shop In Rome. It was a small saddlery shop and he went on to creating one of his very first designs. In his shop he made fine leather goods with a classic stylish twist added to them. The year 1947 saw the creation of the recognized Gucci icon, the leather bag with a bamboo handle. In the 1950s the red stripped trademark was introduced.

Gucci got married to wife Aida Calvelli and gucci2together they had a family of six children. He had expansion plans and he wanted to take his products to many people in the market. He started his expansion by opening a retail outlet in Rome in 1938 and later on opened another one in Milan in 1957. A couple of years later he opened up another shop in Manhattan.

His sons (Aldo Gucci, Vasco Gucci and Rodolfo Gucci) joined the family business and together with their father began the journey of creating the great empire of Gucci. He began making some of his classic brands in the 1950s. He made products like ties, shoes and his famous bamboo handle. As time went by, Gucci as a brand started extending its shores and started manufacturing clothes, wallets, watches, jewellery and much more.

Gucci’s sons took over the business upon their father’s death in 1953. They made it a success and opened stores in cities like Paris, London, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach and Tokyo. The 1960s saw the increase of fame to the brand with Hollywood celebrities taking more liking to the brands products. Actors and prominent people like Jackie Kennedy helped achieve the fame by taking photographs with some of Gucci’s products. With the increased liking by celebrities, it helped escalade Gucci success even more.

The brand saw turmoil when family members started disagreeing on some issues. The brand was doing well but some family issues were starting to crop up which affected the brand. One of the family members sold the brand to an Arabic concern in the 1980s. There were several successions after this and in the 1990s the brand welcomed a new executive head. Tom Ford came in and helped bring back Gucci to the centre chic. Right now the brand is one of the leading brands in the fashion industry.

Gucci Flip Flops: Reasons to Have Them

Do you want to keep up with the fashion trends and be able to experience the real world more proactively? If so, then including flip flops in your fashion arsenal is a great option. First off, flip flops are not only practical to wear but they can also add flare to your style. Having them gives you a functional fashion accessory. If you have already decided to get your own pair of flip flops then those that are made by Gucci would be your best pick.

Stylish Flip Flops

Gucci has been known for its stylish products that always seem to get ahead of the fashion trend. The majority of famous fashion trendsetters couldn’t have made it without the help of any stylish items from the brand. So, if being stylish is your thing then Gucci flip flops won’t disappoint you. Coming with unique designs that no other brand can imitate, these eye-catching step-ins will keep you on top of the fashion game. Not only that, if you like to switch between sandal and slap designs, you should consider buying Gucci flip flops regularly. New Gucci flip-flop designs come out every now and then to keep up with your ever-changing fashion taste.


Discomfort and pain are always associated with being fashionable. With Gucci flip flops, you won’t have to compromise comfort in order to be stylish. These slaps are made with premium materials so you get to stay comfortable as you walk around with and flaunt them. If you haven’t worn a pair from Gucci before, you will be surprised at how soft and light they feel on your feet. You may even become addicted to wearing them.


One of the things that make Gucci flip flops great is that you can wear them everywhere you go without worrying about breaking them. These premium flip flops are made from tough materials that are put together using advanced techniques to produce durable slides. Also, picking Gucci as your footwear can save you money in the long run since you won’t have to waste your money on sandal repair and replacements.

High-Quality Product Assurance

The quality of a product is synonymous to its brand. Since they are made by Gucci, a brand name associated with high quality and durable fashion items, you can be assured that you are getting a good pair of footwear. So, if you are looking for high-quality flip flops then you can never go wrong with Gucci.


Gucci flip flop designs are more than just beautiful; they are also versatile. To simply put it, you can easily pair them up with almost any of your clothes and accessories without becoming a fashion mess. You can also wear them on a wide variety of occasions without appearing out of place. And with their durability, they can be worn even in extreme environments.

If you are looking for flip flops that are not only stylish but also durable with an impressive quality then Gucci flip flops are for you. In case you have already decided to get a pair, it won’t be difficult for you to find them. The majority of local stores sell Gucci flip flops. And if you are looking for a convenient purchase, you can just get them online from your favorite shopping sites.

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